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The Jordan brand may add another all-star lineup to Buy Jordan 2021 collaborate with Billy Ellis, which is rumored to be released sometime in the near future. Global superstar Billy Ellis is about to release another highly anticipated album. Thanks to the release of this album, the superstar has shined on social media and released two new hit singles. With this, we also have a loophole, which is a potential collaboration with the sneaker industry, pointing to the billboard graphic artist and the Jordan brand, for the upcoming collaboration. Although the provocative image can mean anything, Billy is not shy when it comes to her love for Jordan in the past and from the perspective of a trapeze, this collaboration will allow them to reach the public and a class that may not have entered yet Sports shoes or Jordan brand fans as a whole. A perfect example of the artist’s influence is Eilish’s appearance in the complex sneaker shopping and Joula Puma Youtube series. Her videos have accumulated nearly 26 million views. In the video since March, she even hinted at two Potential cooperation between people. Although the rumors have been around for quite some time, it seems that the collaboration came sooner rather than later. As Billy’s highly anticipated album may be released in July, the Jordan brand may be capitalized on the “Always Happy” album. Promote and make an appointment at the time of their official release.

The lineup of the single Latest Jordan 2020 prepared for the summer has been released around the world in the past week, and now for a further new look and aesthetic, Kanye will abandon Yeezy’s supply of exclusive “Mono Cinder” to provide this week.Although single ice, mist, and clay are all released into their exclusive areas, Kanye has another one offering his sleeves with perhaps the most coveted pile of “cinder” alterations with deep black. The sporty renewed breathable mesh upper and the all-black color scheme of the contour function have seen the return of the heel label. The black rubber sole system wraps the full-length supercharged midsole to provide comfort for every step while keeping your feet cool throughout the summer.

Soconi’s collaborative efforts finally returned to Newly Jordans stores after the pandemic was interrupted. Earlier this month, the company launched the “Shadow 6000” in its stores there. Now, the Soconi team is hopping from Australia to Germany, working with the sneaker boutique Acribik to launch a retro Azura runner color scheme inspired by Miami. Azura was first released by the Boston running brand in 1988, and the retro version was first launched in 2018, which surprised many fans with its loyal entertainment activities. The Azura has now joined Soconi’s circle of cooperation. For Acribik’s version, the appearance starts with a white nylon bottom layer, mixed with a black back panel and high heels. The Soconi River logo is prominent on both sides of the Buy Aviators Ray-Ban Earglasses white, and the gradient toe starts from light blue and then quickly changes to hot pink.