2021 New Sale Sneakers Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG

Earlier, there were rumors that the Air Jordan 1 “Electronic Orange” will be the next installment in the successful “Smashing Rebounds” series that began in 2015, and will finally be released tomorrow on July 17. Similar to the aforementioned lineup, the upcoming retro addiction to the palette of colors is reminiscent of the uniform that Michael Jordan wore during his trip to Europe after his rookie season as an NBA rookie. However, the “Starfish” was replaced by a more dynamic “Electronic Orange”, which enlivened the consular area and outsole. The rest of the paneling is divided into “white” and “black” arrangements throughout the upper part. The tone of the latter covers most of the forefoot, all tongues and side hooks; the “wings” logo follows the same on the side ankle flaps, nodding The first Jordan’s original makeup. Together, each component pair merges #23’s heritage with an eye-catching style into modernity.

Few cooperations can last for a few years, and some even fail in a shorter period of time. However, HANON and Diadora are celebrating their seventh year together, making their union tangible through the “Picket Warriors” of N9000. These two imprints are combined to commemorate the legend of the Picts-translated as “painted people”-an ancient tribe, one of the earliest settlers in Scotland. As their names suggest, this group of people often get blue tattoos on their bodies and paint them with war paint to better intimidate others in battle. The upcoming N9000 is a celebration of these fighters, and its blue, copper gray, and light brown palette are directly inspired by people themselves. Elsewhere, Pictish Beast can be found on the side logo and heel of the shoe. This is a mysterious creature of unknown legend. It is etched on the shoe, similar to what was left by the Picts.

There is no doubt that cooperation is an art form, and its performance often reaches the degree of dramatic colorfulness and chaos. Luisa Via Roma’s upcoming ASICS GEL-KYRIOS is no exception, and its silhouette is presented in many different themes. The upper, first of all, is built on a bright water-toned grid, the shadows of which are visible throughout the toes, contours and counters. Then, on the top, a multi-layer rainbow panel adorns all the same parts, with its rainbow-like finish to the frame mentioned earlier. With the development of tooling, things began to become more tense, and its gray base was covered with purple and blue camouflage arrangements.